Charity: Canon Collins Trust

Area of Operation:Southern Africa
Charity no:1102028
Pledge level:£1600 including £50 registration fee
What we do:

The Canon Collins Trust supports education and social justice in southern Africa. Our aim is to build a network of effective, active leaders and organisations across the region who use knowledge and activism to build a more open and just society. To do this, we fund higher education scholarships for those who are committed to social change, and we support organisations using the law to protect the rights of some of South Africa's most vulnerable and marginalized people.


In 40 years, the 4,000 young people we've supported from ten southern African countries with scholarships have gone on to achieve extraordinary levels of change in their communities. Among them are hundreds of teachers, lawyers, public health specialists, conservationists and economists dedicated to improving life for some of the region's poorest people. Human rights, fair treatment under the law, decent schools, mental health and climate change are just some of the issues they are tackling.

In the words of Nelson Mandela:

"Canon Collins Trust has worked tirelessly to develop southern Africans to be leaders in their fields by providing access to education. It is through this access to education that young people will realise their full potential to build better lives for all"

Join our 2022 London Marathon team to help us support the next generation of scholars, activists and change-makers working towards positive social development in southern Africa.

Meet some of the scholars who attended our annual conference in this video.

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