Charity: BackCare

Area of Operation:Nationwide
Charity no:256751
Pledge level:£1449 including £50 registration fee*
What we do:

BackCare are leaders in our field, a small but nationwide charity with a big reputation and an even bigger remit. We provide practical and emotional support to people living with back pain or carers looking after someone with back pain, whether the pain is caused through wear and tear, injury, musculoskeletal disorders such as Axial SpA, Spina Bifida, Arthritis and Scoliosis or because of other serious underlying health conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Cancer, for example.

We exist to help those with back pain, regardless of cause. At some stage of our lives 80% of us will live with back pain. For some of us it will fortunately be a short episode, for others it will be lifelong pain preventing them from going about normal daily activities and presenting many other complications too including anxiety and depression.

Please help us to help the people who can’t run a marathon by putting on your running shoes for BackCare. You will be supporting us in our efforts to help as many people as possible, from the young to the elderly and everyone in between who live with back pain, day in, day out and you will also be supporting our valuable work in preventing avoidable back injuries too.

We will provide you with support before the race, a BackCare running vest and inspire you with regular communication from BackCare directly or CRunCH including training tips, updates and fundraising advice.

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